During the month of August 2024 we will be closed weekdays but open weekends only.
Our team are off on a European adventure. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Imagine a MAZE wedding..

Around 6 years ago aMAZEme hosted its very first gothic wedding to Holly and Garrick. Unfortunately it absolutely poured down on their beautiful day but the wedding went on. Today the happy couple of 6 years came back to visit the magical place where their exciting new journey began. It was so fantastic catching up […]

We weren’t lying when we said the MAZE was for everyone

Had the honor of meeting the fantastic team at Cantabria Rotorua, these maze runners were just awesome company and certainly proved many wrong with completing the maze in under 40mins! Great having you with us Cantabria, hope to see you maze gurus soon.

A safe place for the kids to be this Halloween

aMAZEme had the honor of holding Rotorua’s famous “trunk or treat” for the 5th year in a row. Where families of all sizes gather together to “lose themselves” but to also experience Halloween in a safe yet fun, family orientated environment.