Early xmas gift?

Anyone needing inspiration as to what to get their significant other or family member maybe even a friend or your boss! Well aMAZEme can help! We have 6 week old baby rabbits that are looking for new homes over the silly season… These cuties are a cross between minilop and rex rabbit, so the ears […]

Want a bunny?

These gorgeous fluffy things have been handled since birth so they are extremely tame and well loved, they have come from aMAZEme the hedge maze located in Rotorua (up the road from Agroventures) Where they are well known for breading and selling rabbits and guinea pigs. They are mini-lops both short and long haired in […]

Halloween in a MAZE

What a FANTASTICย  ‘trunk or Treat’ held at aMAZEme last night! Another year of keeping kids off the street but still letting them enjoy Halloween!! Now a days trick or treating around town can be pretty daunting for young kids….an adults, so to make things 100 x saver we have moved Halloween to the MAZE! […]


At aMAZEme we are well known for our little furry creatures, so to add to our critter collection we have 6 NEW BABY BUNNIES on site! Everyone meet… Bruno, Tulip, Luigi, Marko, Stella and Rocko!! The Photo only shows Rocko but hang around and there will be plenty more to see shortly!!!

Meet our new friend Butters..

The team at aMAZEme Rotorua are happy to announce that we have a new furry friend that has been added to the hedge crew! This cutie will be waiting for the hundreds of cuddles from all you MAZE RUNNERS out there. Can’t wait to see you all very soon – Butters

Meet Paul our pet possum

Here we have Paul! aMAZEme’s pet possum of over 5 years. He is certainly a character and makes many guests experiences to aMAZEme a memorable one! He is just such a real kiwi bloke, sitting back enjoying a good Rotorua pie.